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Welcome to Los Portales Bar & Grill

Traditional Mexican food


Los Portales Mexican Restaurant

Our name comes from a famous neighborhood in Mexico City, D.F., called Portales, where there are squares with arches and colonial portals where every Sunday families gather to eat or stroll, and it is characterized by small shops with a family character.


Live Music


Karaoke & DJ

Our mission

Bring typical dishes especially from the central area of Mexico and its surroundings to offer our customers a clean, quality space with good prices. Prepare a rich and delicious Mexican food made with fresh and quality products. We are inspired to promote the values of authentic Mexican food. Our employees work with respect and dedication for the full satisfaction of our clients.

Our vision

To be recognized as an original restaurant that offers typical Mexican food of excellence with human quality, ethical principles, solid and professional, improving the quality of life of our employees to develop in each of them their creative capacity in favor of the client.


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Our objective

That in each visit to our restaurant customers get a good taste in their mouth offering an excellent service of their preference so they can enjoy their stay with their family and friends without losing our Hispanic roots.


We take care of the smallest details trying to do things well to achieve a quality product.


Be transparent with our clients and employees.


Doing things with your own satisfaction to pass it on to our customers.


We promote the Hispanic spirit by celebrating the holidays and traditions of Mexico with special discounts for our frequent clients.


Thinking and adapting our work seeking customer satisfaction as our own, putting ourselves in their shoes and doing things as if they were made for ourselves.


Train each of our employees in their maximum capacity towards customer service, providing them with the necessary tools for their integral development.